Current Projects

Development of a Clinical Decision Support System to Support Healthcare Providers during Tobacco Cessation Interventions

The project proposed will create a computer-based clinical decision support system (CDSS) to assist oral health care providers in helping individuals to reduce or quit smoking. This project is developing the Tobacco Cessation Advisor (T.C.A.) that will be EHR agnostic using FHIR and CQL. This interdisciplinary project explores the need to automate evidence-based tobacco cessation through electronic health records. With approaches from rule-based systems, knowledge representation, machine learning, and predictive analytics the project aims to address the barriers of lack of training and time to provide interventions.
PI: Andrey Soares, Joan Davis and Lisa Schilling
2018 - 

A textual analysis of Nursing Stories and Clinical Notes

This project investigates the sentiment analysis of clinical notes and nursing as a resource to predict health outcomes such as mortality and length of stay.
PI: Andrey Soares, Heather Coats and Lisa Schilling
2018 - 

Analysis of EHR Data of Tobacco Smokers at National Jewish Health 

This project will analyse the EHR data to identify rules for recommending smoking medications to patients, and they alignment with the information from the Treating Tobacco Dependence 2008 Guideline.
PI: Andrey Soares and Sonia Leach
2017 - 

Past Projects

A Rule-Based Systems for Tobacco Cessation

The project created a rule-based systems to assist oral health care providers in helping individuals to reduce or quit smoking. The tobacco cessation knowledge used by the system was extracted from the Treating Tobacco Dependence 2008 Guideline. 
PI: Andrey Soares and Joan Davis
2012 - 2018

Build Your Own Android App - Summer Camp and Workshops for Middle School Girls

This program is designed to introduce middle school girls to the fun of mobile application development for Android phones.
PI: Nancy Martin and Andrey Soares
2013 - 2016

TUP Viewer: Tobacco User Profile Viewer

The goal of this project is to serve as an educational resource for students and faculty to permit the practice of tobacco cessation treatment planning based on profile analysis. The tool provides users with an easier way to explore, view and analyze anonymous patient data to serve as mock-patient educational experiences for healthcare faculty and students in order to practice tobacco cessation treatment planning.
PI: Andrey Soares and Joan M. Davis
2014 - 2015

App Inventor for Beginners and Beyond

This project investigates the use of App Inventor to teach beginner and more experienced programmers as well as to teach more advanced computing concepts.
PI: Andrey Soares and Nancy Martin
2011 - 2015

Mobile apps for Cyberlearning: Developing, implementing, and assessing a modular framework for STEM learning in the digital age

This Citizen Science project proposes to develop and assess the learning effectiveness of a modular cyberlearning system and associated science curriculum focused on biology.
PI: Robin Warne, Grant Miller, Andrey Soares
2013 - 2014

Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Clinical Internship

This project is developing a Web application for the medical sonography clinical internship for the Radiologic Sciences Department at SIU.
PI: Andrey Soares
2012 - 2014

Service Oriented Paradigm Across Information Technology Curricula

PI: Andrey Soares
2012 - 2014 

Meta-model Ontology based on Scenarios

PI: Andrey Soares
2009 - 2011 

Saluki Global Classroom

PI: Joan Davis, Karen Having, Charla Lautar, Belle Woodward, Andrey Soares
2009 - 2011 

SBVR Tool Design and Development

SBVR (Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules) is a standard, proposed by Object Management Group (OMG), for modeling and representing vocabulary and rules of a business domain. The research developed a proof-of-the-concept prototype for implementing SBVR by extending it from EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework).
PI: Mark Linehan (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)


The Rampart anti-terrorism planning system is the product of a three-year collaboration between the United States Marine Corps and the Penn State University - College of Information Sciences & Technology. Rampart is a decision model realized in a cognitive support system designed to be used by anti-terrorism officers, facilities planners, public works officers, and emergency response personnel. The model and system provide support for asset prioritization, calculation of anti-terrorism mitigation project utilities, and resource allocation.
PI: Dr. Steve Haynes and Dr. Frank Ritter (Penn State University)
2006 - 2007 

Ontologies in Action

An information architecture to support investigation of linked Health-Environment Interaction using ConceptVISTA, an ontology creation and visualization tool developed by researchers at the GeoVISTA Center, that allows users to define and link concepts and resources pertaining to a conceptual domain. Users can add and view additional information related to concepts and resources. ConceptVISTA stores ontologies in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) format and can import outside ontologies. ConceptVISTA provides users with a useful set of ontology management functions.
PI: Dr. Mark Gahegan and Dr. Fred Fonseca (Penn State University)
2004 - 2006